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We are a small group of people passionate about the unique Western Australian flora and the myriad of lifeforms that it supports. We are also aware of the devastating impact that the introduced water mould Phytophthora dieback has on these systems.

Not many people realise that approximatley 40% of all plants in the south west are killed by this plant destroyer including some of the most iconic plants in Australia (think Grass Trees, Banksias, Zamia Palms, Wooly Bush, Woody Pear and of course the magnificent Jarrah), and that of the two million hectares of vegetation that was at risk of infestation in the south west of Western Australia prior to European colonisation, approximatley one million hectares is already infested!

News is not all bad however,

with accurate identification of the disease, sound management practises and the environmentally friendly wonder chemical Phosphite, we can arrest the threat!

....and that is where we come in.

Dieback Treatment Services staff are fully qualified specialists that provide industry best practise techniques in detection, treatment and training and we specialise in all things Phytophthora so you know your getting the best opertators to work with you on your patch, whether its internationally recognised biosphere or the last Banksia in your backyard!

We also map disease distribution, compile managment plans and risk assessments, run training days and workshops for community and industry, and are currently distributers for the innovative 'Chemjet' tree injector both in Western Australia and South Australia.

Thanks for visiting our site, feel free to contact us with any Phytophthora dieback related questions, queries or comments or just to say G'day.

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